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Empower physically, mentally, & emotionally challenged youth!

Make A Real Change In Someone’s Life


We provide instruction in computer and Internet technologies to young people impacted by physical, mental, and emotional challenges so they can achieve greater levels of independence and self sufficiency.

Care. Respect. Love. Professionalism.

Family members and dedicated volunteers started this organization to make comprehensive computer training accessible to residents who are most at risk for unemployment and poverty – the unskilled, disabled, single parent, and those affected by our legal system.

Clients served in 20XX.

Find gainful emplyment.

Years of dedicated service.

Claudia Morgan, Founder

About C.A.Y.

CAY founder, Claudia Morgan, was a pioneer in the use of computer technologies in order to better assist the marginalized needs of those whose lives have been severely impacted by physical, mental and /or emotional challenges.

Consequently, the operational environment at CAY was specifically designed to best utilize computer based technologies to enhance the training and development of key life skills for CAY clientele. Ms. Morgan believed that every individual possessed “STAR” qualities accessed with the support of Special Training And Resources, both technological and computer-based. Access to these special supports will serve to help individuals identify that “STAR” quality that allows them to shine.

How We Help Our Community


A family support program that provides computer assisted training geared toward supporting basic education and social skills and develops computer literacy.

Group Day Habilitation

Building on the STAR program our Day Habilitation Program concentrates on individual exercises and personal goal setting in computer literacy, personal finance, and time management.

Community Habilitation

This program is focused on developing the highest level of personal independence for our students. Developing life skills in the areas of personal hygiene, self care, household maintenance, financial management, and safety.

Prevocational Program

This program provides individuals who are looking to prepare for the workplace experience, with an apprenticeship-like assignment that is based upon their personal interests and talents.

Support C.A.Y.

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Technology Access Makes an Impact

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Make A Real Change In Someone’s Life

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Alicia N. Davis, Ed. D

Deputy Executive Director
Retired NYCDOE Principal

Brendon L. Davis, MA

Executive Director

Amber C. Davis

Board Chair
HERSTORY Operations Manager

Wahid Dennis

Board Member

Winton Wedderburn, MPH

Board Member

C.A.Y. Supporters

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